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NUDE photos dwarf bigger online crime

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It’s a funny world we live in – people are far too interested in the “shiny” things.

The recent hacking/stealing of 100 celebrities nude photos is a perfect example. This event generated an enormous amount of noise with global debate over privacy issues, security flaws and everything else that came with it.

But did you know:

At the same time, the hacking/stealing of payment card details of 60 million people has occurred and this could possibly surpass the Target 2013 incident as the worst hack of all time? Scary yes?

While the nude celebrity scandal over shadows the world news, it seems the financial well being of 60 million people and businesses just vaguely rates.

Another example:

Have you experienced Ransomware/Cryptolocker attacking your business or know someone who has? The FBI estimates that Cryptolocker alone stole $30 million in ransom just between September and December in 2013. Ouch!

Ransomware is the equivalent of a cyber-armed holdup!

Just like an armed holdup the purpose of ransomware is to surprise you, create fear and convince you to hand over your money.

This form of malware takes your computer hostage, locks files, splashes fake legal warnings on the screen and tries to shock or shame you out of hundreds in ransom.


Let’s face it the continued advancement of IT capabilities will continue to change how the world will operate across all industries.

Within the business community it allows us to do much more with less and for this very reason we need to continually embrace the change.

The simple fact is as technology continues to advance for the good it also advances capabilities for the bad.

The real secret is selecting the correct technology to move your business forward and reduce costs while at the same time trying to minimise exposure and risk.

To do this its becoming critical to have people on your side who have the knowledge and even more importantly actually understand how to use it.

Companies like Tech Precision operate in this world all day, every day. Coming from both a business and technical back ground we understand that while IT is extremely powerful it’s simply a business tool which can enhance or hinder your chance of success.

If you need any IT advice, please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with quote of the Month;

 “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

— George Bernard Shaw,

Irish playwright

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