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Backup vs Business Continuity

Overview: SMBs in general don’t have the same IT budgets and staffs as larger enterprises. Yet just like larger organizations they need to protect their data—and make sure they can get back to business rapidly after a disaster or other event that compromises their data and systems.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss what’s at stake when it comes to not just protecting, but also managing, your data (hint: your business). We’ll explain why it’s important to think in terms of business continuity rather than simply data backup. And we’ll look at how to calculate the all-important Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) so that you can get what you need from your business continuity vendor.


The Natural Disaster Survival Guide for Businesses

Every business has to prepare for the worst. Those that don’t may never  fully recover from a disaster. But not all disasters are created equal. And  not all businesses are at risk for every kind of disaster. That’s why we’ve put together this quick Disaster Survival reference guide to help you ensure that  your business can keep operating even if it’s struck by one of the natural  disasters described.


The Business Guide to Reasonware

Everything to know to keep your company afloat. More and more, ransomware has emerged as a major threat to     individuals and businesses alike. Ransomware,  a type of malware that encrypts data on infected systems, has become a lucrative option for cyber extortionists.  When the malware is run, it locks victim’s files and allows criminals to demand payment to release them.


How SMBs Benefit with Hybrid Cloud

Today’s businesses require a backup solution that delivers much more than a traditional local only strategy. Given the constant risks to its data, from all directions, it’s important for businesses to ensure 1) that their data is protected and 2) they can remain operational in lieu of a system disruption. That’s where a hybrid cloud-based backup solution comes in.