What is Instant Virtualisation?

Tech Precision powered by Datto – Instant Virtualization

Datto Instant Virtualization allows backups of on-prem servers to be virtualized and started either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud, in mere seconds.

Instant Virtualisation:

(1min 03secs)

The advanced web interface allows for configuration of CPU and memory resources. Network resources can also be configured dynamically, allowing for changes to be made without restarting the virtual machine. Even while virtualized, systems can continue a normal backup schedule to both the Datto appliance and Datto’s secure cloud. Business continuity has never been as easy or as reliable.

Six second recovery

The advantages to Instant Virtualization are many. Should a business experience server failure or the like, its systems may be virtualized instantly to the Datto device or the secure Datto cloud, to avoid data loss. With the systems now virtualized in the Cloud, the business may operate “business as usual” and have the time and resources to fix its server issue without compromising any data or incurring any downtime.

The key enablers to Datto’s six second recovery are the “Copy-on-write” snapshots provided by Datto’s advanced storage technology, and the fully-constructed dependency-free recovery points made available with Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology. Together, a Datto BDR can instantly virtualize any protected server (physical or virtual) without destructively messing with a backup dependency chain.

One of the reasons Tech Precision selected Datto was that the six second recovery is unique to Datto, and a significant differentiator from competitive recovery products which consume minutes to hours to reconstruct a machine form a backup chain before running a virtualized server.

Tech Precision powered by Datto

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