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What is a Definition of Crazy

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For the majority of us we have completed or nearly completed another financial year. How did you go? Are you happy?

This is the time of year as business owners we should be asking ourselves what I can do differently that will help my business perform better going forward?

Today many businesses are facing problems with how they implement, support and innovate with technology. It is now a primary concern to keep up to date with competitors within your industry as clients (and staff) will not wait for your troublesome systems to catch up.

Frequently I see people who need to (and want to) change IT providers in order to achieve a better business outcome and enjoy greater value from money spent on IT services, however they do nothing about it.


Many people carry the view the risk of change being greater than the potential benefits or the cost of continuing with a poorer service.

So while they are not happy with the current level of service being provided (either internal or external) they take NO action. They take what they think is the easiest way out, which is do nothing.

One definition of CRAZY: Doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

It does not matter how you are doing things today. If there is a better way to get results it’s now time to consider the pros and cons of change. Put simply procrastination is costing you money.

Signs you need to change IT providers:
• You don’t know or have your system passwords
• Long-term technical problems keep repeating
• Small issues not resolved in a timely manner
• Unable to contact support people when you need them
• Support reactive, causing down time, frustration, band aid fixes
• Non-technical staff spend hours fixing own problems
• Sick of spending money and getting no results
• Have no documentation of system
• Have little to no reporting of IT issues
• You have no road map for technology going forward
• You’re scared to ask for passwords as you get pushback and questioned why?
The simple advantage of change is that this can all go away.

So how do you make a move?

Obviously there are a lot of different situations. In general there are some logical steps:
1. Identify your main concerns (example list above).
2. Define what you really want from your IT systems – keeping in mind your IT system should be viewed simply as a powerful business tool or an enabler for your staff to perform or excel at their role.
3. Then pick up the phone and interview IT providers.
Unfortunately it’s not an easy process to find a good/trusted IT partner. The IT industry has not done itself any favours due to the lack of regulation within the industry (I will say no more).

One thing to understand is that you’re not a hostage to the current situation. A good IT provider does NOT need help from your existing IT provider, the system discovery and documentation should all be a part of their on-boarding process.

So seek both written referrals and ask to speak with clients of the potential IT partner then make sure they have documented processes and ask to see them.

Changing your IT partner could help make this Financial Year results a big improvement on from last year.

For independent advice, please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with this email quote;
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”
– Vince Lombardi,

football coach

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