Warranty Provisioning

Tech Precision can act as the ‘arms and legs’ of your organisation. With nation-wide coverage Tech Precision can access your customer’s right across Australia to save you from having to.

Providing your customers with a warranty is pointless unless you can reach them when they need assistance.

Rather than having a dedicated team of engineers on stand-by in case something goes wrong, you can utilise Tech Precision’s nation-wide coverage, expert industry knowledge and friendly service to reach your customers when things go wrong.

Essentially, we act as your IT support on the ground. With established Repair Centres in all major capital cities and backed by a team of over 200 professionals, Tech Precision has the capability to respond quickly and efficiently to your customer’s service needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Tech Precision today to discuss your Warranty Provisioning and how Tech Precision can assist you.