Ten Things We Do Better

1) We GUARANTEE 15-60 minute response time.

When your computer network goes down in the middle of a busy work day, you need it fixed immediately so your employees aren’t sitting around taking a $10,000 coffee break waiting for their computers to come back online. We guarantee to have an engineer working on your problem within 15 to 60 minutes.

2) Depending on the project, we schedule system upgrades and fixes after normal business hours to save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

System upgrades, fixes, and installations can bring down your computer network for several hours. For your convenience, we’ll schedule our technicians to perform this work after hours so there is minimal interruption to your normal business activities.

3) We provide detailed reporting

It’s your computer system and you need to know what work has been performed and why. We take the time to understand what level of reporting you desire and then provide this based on the regularity you request.

4) Our technicians are seasoned, qualified, professionals with years of real world experience.

Our technicians also maintain certifications. We require ALL of our staff to complete on-going training to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions. You won’t find a better team of professionals anywhere else.

5) We GUARANTEE to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of keeping overhead and costs to a minimum. That’s why I require that all of our technicians are trained to find the least expensive solution to your problem without sacrificing quality. We never charge clients for expensive upgrades, hardware, and solutions that aren’t 100% necessary.

6) No Geek Speak.

It’s your computer system, your business you deserve to get answers in plain English. Our engineers will not talk down to you or make you feel uncomfortable, and they take the time to make sure you understand.

7) We are big enough to handle any computer job, and small enough to still provide you the individual attention you deserve.

Whether it’s building a new network from the ground up or helping you figure out why you’re getting an error message when you open a document, you can count on us to help. As a client, you will have a dedicated technician and account representative to ensure you get the highest level of support.

8) We give flat rate project pricing.

Unlike other computer support companies that give you an estimate with an hourly rate for “unexpected circumstances,” we’ll give you one flat rate for a project and guarantee to deliver your solutions without charging a cent more. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t end up with a bill 2 or 3 times more than you anticipated, or getting hit with hidden charges or extra hours.

9) We listen first, and offer solutions second.

No one knows your business better than you. We listen to what you want to achieve in business before offering a solution. We make sure you have the right system set up to maximise your business advantage.
We are far less expensive than hiring full-time computer support staff.
By outsourcing your computer support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars on hiring, salary, and benefits and still give you the just in time computer support that you need.

10) We are the ONLY technical support company that offers a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee.

Hire us to come on site and put an end to your most challenging computer problems. If after our first visit you are not happy with our technicians or the work we perform, you can cancel your service agreement and we will refund your payment for that full day. No risk, no hassle, and no obligation. What could be more fair than that? No other technical support company will stand behind their work the way we do at Tech Precision.
To take this a step further either email

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