Reduce IT Costs

We have found most people calculate the fixed costs of IT to their business by simply taking into consideration the cost of Hardware and Software purchases.

However many of our clients understand there are hidden cost around using IT in their business. For example cost of staff surfing the web, ongoing maintenance of the IT system, continuous spam emails, productivity impact of computer failures etc, the list goes on.

From working closely with our clients (and taking into consideration not all businesses operate the same way) we have been able to develop a simple tool which measures and calculates these hidden costs showing them in real dollar terms.

Feedback from business owners and senior managers has been extremely positive as they now have a tool to measure this increasingly important part of their business and use this information in forward planning.

We offer a free consultation where we will use this tool to expose hidden costs in your business and then show you ways to reduce these costs, want to know more?

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