Proactive Managed IT Overview

Having a Managed IT System ensures that one of the most important tools within the business just keeps working. This directly links to increased employee productivity and improved company revenue.

It’s also a fact that the performance and vulnerability of many IT systems remain in the hands of one person, qualified or not and if using a third party the service is often not up to the level required.

“IT savvy businesses are 20% more profitable than their competitors”

We are continually told by business owners and executives that IT systems cause ongoing frustration and unwanted expense. Smaller to mid-sized companies often have the need but not the budget for a full time IT person and larger companies find their IT people are reactive to problems rather than being proactive.

We have the solution with our continual improvement process, developed from 20 years experience, and we guarantee to take this pain away…

Tech Precision’s Account Management naturally leads to a continual improvement. This process is based on clear communication leading to joint solution development and implementation.

The evaluation of these solutions with real data provided by Tech-Precision’s reporting system gauges the effectiveness of the implemented strategies or processes.

Utilising Tech Precision gives me greater confidence about the robustness of our IT Systems and allows me to focus on other aspects of the business that require my attention.”

General Manager: Australian Disability Enterprise

We provide you access to some of the best engineers in the business via on-site and remote services. Our response time is exceptional: we guarantee to have an engineer working on your issue between 15-60 minutes.

Bottom line – we understand you’re not in business to worry about IT systems so we provide peace of mind by allowing you to get on with your core business.

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