TOTAL DATA PROTECTION: Disrupting the Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Space

Permanently eliminate downtime. Do you value your data? View Video. Datto is disrupting the Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity space. You get a big business solution at a small business price. Imagine the business chaos if you lost all your data and it took days or weeks to recover or in the worst case could not be recovered at all?

Total Data Protection Overview

Disaster Recovery

Disrupting the Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity space. Permanently eliminate downtime.

Recovery Time Cost Calculator

Disaster Recovery and more

How much does down time cost your business?

SIRIS 3: The Complete Solution


SIRIS 3 from Datto. The complete data protection and business continuity solution delivered on one platform

Inverse Chain Technology


Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology is the innovation that replaces traditional backups with the elegance of asynchronous mirroring, unifying a smarter backup.

Backup Insights

Disaster Recovery and more

Datto’s Backup Insights provides the capability to see what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups.

Hybrid Cloud

Disaster Recovery and more

The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform is the most reliable and efficient way for end-users to back up their data securely and ensure that it is recoverable in any disaster scenario.

Advanced Storage Technology

Disaster Recovery and more

Datto makes extensive use of ZFS locally and in the cloud for maximum data integrity protection, storage efficiencies, and performance.

What is Instant Virtualization?

Disaster Recovery and more

Datto Instant Virtualization allows backups of on-prem servers to be virtualized and started either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud, in mere seconds.

Screenshot Verification

Disaster Recovery and more

Datto’s patented Screenshot Backup Verification takes backup monitoring a step further by frequently and automatically validating backup integrity immediately after completion.

File Sync and Share

Disaster Recovery and more

Datto has partnered with ownCloud to offer two of the most groundbreaking advances in FSS: ownCloud on SIRIS, and Datto Drive.

Datto Drive


Enterprise file synchronization and sharing services from Datto
The most affordable, powerful, secure, cloud-based file synchronization platform available. Built for business.

ABCs of Business Continuity


The ABCs and interesting facts around Business Continuity.