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Is your IT Service Provider good enough

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Is your IT Service Provider good enough?

Do they know the threats to your business?

Do they know the impact these threats can have on your business?

Do they have an interlocked process to continually mitigate these risks?

When it comes to technology within a business it is frequently an underrated or misunderstood resource. It can often be a challenge to keep running smoothly and working effectively.

To be honest many business owners simply can’t keep up with the pace of change and their business can suffer as a result. To avoid this, one of the smartest options you can take is outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) as many of you have done or considering.


While enterprise size organisations have been utilising the benefits of GOOD MSP relationships for years, small to medium size companies in many cases have had to make do with sub-par managed services and so still have not fully realised the rewards that a true managed service can bring.

When small to medium businesses are looking to enhance their technology and reduce costs they turn to a MSP. The MSP functions as a partner in the management of the IT system and often assumes responsibility for the managing, maintaining, installing and monitoring of all or part of the IT system.

Consider this – in most cases 90% of an internal resources time is invested in just keeping the lights on (day to day running) of the IT system. Meaning they often fall behind on the important but often misunderstood needs of an IT system. For example performing the required tuning of the system to ensure it continues operating at maximum capacity.

The MSP route is the right route but it’s worth reviewing the advantages that a GOOD MSP partner can offer:

1)   Allow you to focus on your core business

For any business this is probably one of the most important points. The old cliché for successful business owners hold true. Surround yourself with people or partners who have the right skill set. For example if you’re a Sales person you probably shouldn’t be doing the accounts and if you’re an accountant you probably shouldn’t be doing Sales.

By engaging a MSP you and your staff can focus on the core functions which should result in moving the business forward.

2)   Stabilising costs

Because the MSP focuses solely on IT services they can often provide services equal to or better than, hiring an in-house IT team. Additional to this the costs are fixed and often cheaper than internal resources, allowing your business to budget effectively.

3)   Return on investment 

A common complaint of many staff is that the IT systems in the company are old and slow. From the business owners point of view they have already spent the money allocated for IT so why or even how can they justify spending more? To compound this even further the IT industry moves at rapid pace so there’s always noise about the next new thing.

A good MSP partner will firstly concentrate on maximising what you already have. Often systems are operating well below capacity and with the correct re-engineering can deliver quite positive results with no additional investment required.

4)   Help Leverage technology

New technologies like cloud, virtualisation, advanced databases etc are often too confusing to learn and implement correctly for most general operators. A good MSP will learn your business operation and cherry pick the technology that will provide you an advantage with in your operation. At the same time provide the most bang for buck available.

Always keep in mind the IT system is a vital tool to help the business go forward but not all businesses need or require leading or cutting edge technology (some do depending on industry type).

5)   Compliance

Many industries like healthcare, insurance, retail and finance for example require that businesses comply with regulations around technology and its use. This can make it difficult to keep up with and meet the minimum criteria. MSP’s who operate in these industries should be able to provide leadership.

6)   Strategy and direction

Technology is in a constant state of change – the number of services and solutions are simply overwhelming.

A good MSP continuously educates and understands changes in technology and they take the time to understand your business needs and goals. From there they can select and implement the best solutions that will support your current and future needs via a stable platform.

7) Continuous interlocked process

Plan, Assess, Handle, Monitor & Report. A GOOD MSP will have the processes in place to keep your system healthy and provide a path for the future. While good reporting means you can get on with your own business, but still know what is happening in the background.

Often throughout this e-letter I have referred to the same or similar description a ‘GOOD MSP’ the reason for this is simple. As with all industries there are some companies who make a lot of promises however delivery often falls short of expectation.

If you think you may have less than an exceptional partner or someone who is not delivering value for money my advice is that you should take immediate action and find a partner who can. A good partner will make a big difference for the business and ultimately your success.

Our easy on-boarding process means changing over to Tech Precision gives you all these benefits with no pain.

If you need any IT advice, please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.
I will leave you with quote of the Month;

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

— Henry Ford,
American industrialist

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