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How to prepare your IT strategy for 2013!

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I hope you had a wonderful break – I know I did – and welcome back for another big year ahead.

If you have not taken time to plan your 2013 strategy, now is the time. Technology has a way of helping those to adapt to the situation and penalise those who do not.

As we enter into the year you will continually hear noise around advantages of technology. How do you separate value from hype? All businesses have different needs and considerations so you need to have a plan.

Here are 10 areas to consider;

  • Demand for mobile devices will continue to grow, thus increasing risk of security and importance of data backup.
  • Microsoft will stop support for their server operating system 2003, so if your business is based on this take time to plan your upgrade. Not all upgrade paths suit all businesses.
  • While the cloud offers many benefits it will not fix everything (and may even break stuff), hidden costs or grey areas come hand in hand so do your homework if planning to take this route. There are just as many sad stories as success stories.
  • You’ll always have downtime. In the real world, 100 percent uptime is possible only if you’re prepared to pay for it, and most companies aren’t. So accommodate this in planning.
  • Given current economic times headcount will continue to be a problem. The solution to IT manpower problems is to take advantage of outsourcers and integrate them as much as possible. This has become standard business practice.
  • Employees will continue to use social media at work, whether you allow them or not. So understand Malware infections etc are distributed via social networks and sensitive corporate data leaking occurs online. Your company’s deepest secrets are only a tweet away so take measures to plan around this.
  • Your employees will never support themselves. With technology playing such an important role in home and work employees have become dependent on the system working. If their IT is not supported they will be less productive. Fact.
  • Does your business need a mobile app to stay competitive? The massive growth of apps is apparent in everyday life but will your business benefit by having one?
  • Should your business take on cutting edge technology to get ahead? Each business is different so if going with something new make sure you plan for possible interruptions ask yourself are you prepared to be the guinea pig to find and fix possible bugs.
  • Finally ROI…make sure you understand in your expenditure what will the business get back, how, why and when. To do this correctly is not easy as you need to develop a model that factors both hard and soft cost/returns.

We all need to plan for the year ahead. If there’s one major lesson I have learnt over time it’s to pick out the key areas in your business where you can make the most impact. Given economic times develop a strategy that is flexible.
If you need any IT advice please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with quote of the Month:
“Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.”
–William Cornelius Van Horne,
Canadian railway executive

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