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How do all these unwanted applications get loaded on your network?

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Over recent times we have experienced an alarming increase in undesirable nasties like malware, Trojans and other unwanted programs appearing in networks. The knock on effect is loss of productivity and in some cases serious threats to the business operation.

In most cases the individuals who have caused or allowed the nasties onto the network become defensive and cannot believe they have been the originator of the problem. Mostly it comes down to education.

Here is one simple example of what can happen:

The downloading of software from the internet is becoming common business practice as it is fast and convenient. However this can also be a popular way for nasties to sneak in the back door.

Often as users download software they automatically run the installation file and through habit simply click ‘next’ or ‘accept’ to continue the installation.

This can become a bad habit as they don’t read the content and many of these ‘free’ software applications can have third party software integrated inside them. By clicking ‘yes’ or ‘next’ the user unknowingly is actually installing this hidden software as well. Often these sort of unwanted applications target the computer resources, data and other areas trying to cause trouble.


CutePDF is a well know software to convert document files to PDF and it can be download from the Internet, let’s say www.Download.com.

1-    User go to the www.download.com

2-    User search for CutePDF and will get a download link.

3-    User clicks on download now.

4-   User clicks on run and next window would be an installation box.

5-   Based on a habit the user will click on Next step and would see a series of windows.

With a closer look you can see on each window they have a special offer of installing a third party software and if the user clicks on Accept the main installation will install all these additional applications along with the main software.

CutePDF loads more programs than needed and so uses up your systems resources, other software can harbour more painful Trojan’s that could severely impact your system.  It’s a little scary how easy it can happen, isn’t it?

Now imagine what can happen if one or more users constantly download and install free software? The risk dramatically increases and in our experience many operating system problems can be tracked back to this kind of installation.

What is the solution?

The solution is education along with internal IT policy and the user needs to read or have an overall look on each page before click on ‘yes’, ‘Accept’ or ‘Next’ to prevent this happening. Or if this is too hard simply engage Tech Precision, the training and procedures are put in place to help your staff avoid these user pitfalls.

If you need any IT advice, please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with quote of the Month:

“We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors.”

— Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th U.S. president

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