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Five critical areas an IT Managed Service Provider can help

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1: Connectivity and Bandwidth

Let’s be honest, nothing’s simple anymore. With challenges like mobility, systems hosted externally, internally, remote offices, mobile workforce, SMBs are taking on more and more enterprise grade technologies in even the smallest of businesses.

The complexity of building, developing and managing networks is compounded by the difficulties inherent in working with multiple carriers and their complex offerings. This is why more businesses are turning to MSPs to research the options and recommend solutions tailored to their specific needs.

2: Security

All networks are vulnerable to security attacks but some environments such as SMBs are particularly susceptible as they lack the resources to keep up with cybercriminals that are developing new tactics every day.

Enterprise networks tend to have all the bells and whistles, but SMBs not so much. Using a certified MSP to set up and manage your security is the smart way to go.

3: 24/7 Monitoring

Especially for businesses with limited in-house IT staff, making sure network performance, availability and security are all up to par and running smoothly can be a real challenge. Network administrators can’t keep up with everything and when everything is top priority, stuff falls between the cracks.

Using a MSP to outsource some or all of the work means internal staff can do more in a budget and deadline-oriented environment.

4: Virtualisation

This area is becoming more and more popular with the rise of cloud technologies, however along with that comes the need for increased technical skills, something an in-house IT department might be lacking.

Whether you are virtualising desktops to support mobile workers, or servers to optimise your network, virtualisation projects are complex and require a great deal of expertise during deployments and ongoing management. Using an experienced MSP provides access to stronger technical expertise.

5: Disaster recovery

While back up and disaster recovery are crucial, this space often gets over looked or left on the way side when other issues pop up. Those other priorities often mean that backup testing and offsite backup storage aren’t done as often as they should be.

It makes total sense to engage a MSP to perform regular backups, test them and store them.

Do any of these 5 points relate to your business? Need advice? Please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with this quote;

It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.”

— Diane Grant,
Canadian playwright and screenwriter

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