Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please email or call our Proactive IT Service team for assistance.

1. What is Proactive IT Services?

It is the proactive day-to-day management of IT infrastructure to maintain the optimal performance of your network under a fixed fee structure.

2. What is covered?

We become your virtual IT department covering monitoring, maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure. There are different levels of coverage allowing you to customise. We maintain industry-best practices and provide strategic direction of ways and means to improve your IT systems in line with your business direction.

3. What is not covered?

The cost of hardware and software purchases nor implementation of new equipment or technologies. While this can be done it is treated out-of-scope and as project work.

4. Why would I need Proactive IT Services?

Your IT system is one of the most important tools within the business and is often a direct link to employee productivity and company revenue. Businesses today are dependent on their IT systems to operate effectively. Many unhealthy IT systems incur frighteningly high unmeasured costs with hidden potential to cripple business growth. Keeping up with constantly changing technology, protecting against unwanted threats and ensuring optimal system performance is imperative to the operations and success of a business.

5. How do I purchase support?

We offer outcome-based pricing: this is where the cost we offer to perform a task is based on the outcome, not the time it takes to achieve the outcome. This allows you to budget and if the work takes longer than estimated there is no additional cost to you.

For work outside of scope we offer either outcome-based pricing or support by the hour.

6. How long do I have to commit for?

We prefer clients to sign up for a 36 month commitment to allow us to allocate the appropriate resource to your account. However, for first time agreements, we allow for an initial 12 month commitment allowing you to test the waters and see if this program works for you. You may also cancel this agreement at anytime, without penalty, as long as you give us agreed notice. (We have a 100% retention rate of clients on this service.)

7. What is our Service Level Guarantee?

Our Service Level Guarantee provides you with complete peace-of-mind. We guarantee our response times. If we miss our stated (“SLA”) you will receive a discount on the following month’s service charge.

8. What do I get from the audit process?

The audit process can be either an in-depth or high level report on your system. A report with recommendations is produced covering servers, workstations/laptops, backups, security and health of your system.

9. Does my system automatically qualify for Proactive IT Services?

No, IT systems need be operating at industry standards before qualifying. If required we provide simple upgrade paths.

10. During the audit will anything be changed on my system?

No, we perform on-site inspections or we deploy our software agent in passive mode and it simply gathers information to allow us to complete the report.

11. What reporting do you provide?

Reporting on system health, work performed, discovery of potential issues, recommendations and our performance against SLAs are all available and, just as important, this is in “plain English” so it’s easy to understand.

12. How do you calculate my costs?

This is simply based on devices (servers, workstations, laptops) that make up your network.

13. What happens if our equipment list changes?

As equipment either increases or decreases so does the coverage fee. Each month this is automatically recalculated, so you are never paying for equipment that does not exist.

14. Can we purchase equipment?

Yes, we are able to provide advice, supply and assistance on purchases.

15. Do you perform project work?

Yes, we sit down with you and help scope out your project no matter how small or large it may be.

16. Can you help us gain greater utilisation of our system?

Yes, we provide dual services under Proactive IT Services. We work “in” your system maintaining its health and performance and we also utilise our engineering expertise and work “on” your system providing advice of how to get the most out of your IT systems.

17. What is infrastructure?

All equipment that makes up the computer network environment is described as the infrastructure. Hardware for example includes servers, workstations, routers, switches, laptops, backup devices and UPSs. Software examples are Microsoft Office, Exchange, antivirus, backup packages etc.

18. What is Vendor Management?

When the equipment is under warranty we can handle all call-logging and monitor the jobs with other vendors. This provides you one point of reference for all IT calls.

19. Can you assist with asset management?

Yes, you can always be up-to-date as we schedule LAN audits at a frequency you specify.

20. What are response times?

We offer a number of levels of response allowing you to choose. For example under some of our services we guarantee and engineer working on your job in 60 minutes or less.

21. How do we log services calls?

You can call our customer service desk and/or email your requests through.

22. Do we get the same engineer each time?

Yes, where possible. Customer surveys/feedback have told us clients prefer the same engineer each time.

23. How do you remote manage our system?

We utilise extremely powerful monitoring software which is able to monitor volume applications and processors across multiple devices in real time. We can schedule tasks, automate fixes and perform escalation alerts to our engineers when required.

24. What security issues come from remote monitoring?

All information is encrypted using 256-bit RC4 with rolling keys. There are no open ports, no plain text data packets on the network. In plain-English there is nothing for attackers to exploit so it’s totally safe.

25. Does this service threaten our internal IT people?

No. In our experience, by acting as your virtual IT department we allow smaller clients to operate without the expense of an IT professional. With larger clients who already have an IT team we’re seen as a valuable and welcome addition, allowing the team to concentrate on strategic company needs.

26. Can you provide references?

Yes, please contact our Proactive IT Service team and they will provide you with as many as you need.

27. Will you guarantee that I won’t have any technical problems or downtime?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime; no one can. However, we guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of problems you experience and a dramatic improvement in the speed, performance and reliability of your system.

28. How do I get a quotation?

Simply contact our customer service desk on 1300 788 738 or email sales@techprecision.com.au and we will contact you.