Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing means many things to different people. While the term cloud has entered the public vernacular, the reality is that most people still find this a confusing area.

Cloud computing pools technology resources and expenses for sharing among a community of users, which makes it efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Tech Precision can help you access your IT needs through the cloud as a secure pay-as-you-go service including email, business applications, computing platforms and network infrastructure. As the recipient of a elastic hosted service, you’ll be able to add new users, storage capacity or services at will, paying only for the capacity you actually use.

Take Backup as a core “Cloud” offering:

When deciding on Cloud solution first make sure you’re comparing similar services – and getting what you expect.

Look at the fine print

  • Many “cloud” backup providers simply sell a service with a poor level of technical knowledge or support.
  • Technical knowledge and support is critical to the delivery of any service – and is almost always the largest cost blow out and biggest client frustration.
  • Our team has extensive technical knowledge and a proven process so that solutions are delivered quickly and on budget.
  • One day your business will rely on your backup. An experienced vendor with the right tools will mean saved time and money when you need it most.
For example do they have instant virtualisation and what is it?

With cloud comes buzzwords & hype

The increase of cloud services means that many new competitors have entered the market, sometimes with extremely low pricing.

However many of these competitors have hidden expenses, missing features and frustrating technical support (or no support at all), so it’s important to have a reality check about what backup and recovery actually is: it’s insurance.

It’s safety from the chance, the possibility that a computer system will malfunction, corrupt data, a fire will burn the building down, data will be accidentally deleted or a natural disaster will take place.

In short, it’s about risk. What level of risk do you want to expose your business to? What would happen if you lost all your data tomorrow?

We have dedicated, super-fast standby recovery environments setup pre-loaded with software to perform data restoration, backup testing, MS Exchange and SQL server extraction and mailbox restoration services – ready to go as soon as you need them.

It’s hugely about the people involved and supporting your service – chances are something will not go to plan when disaster strikes, the years of experience and expert advice provided by our team will save you time, money and potentially your business.

Tech Precision’s Data Protection and Cloud Storage

Ask about our Round-the-clock, off-site data protection for your business with Bank Grade Security.

Our difference

  • We first fully understand your requirements.
  • We discuss your expectations on RTO (recovery time objectives) and RPO (recovery point objectives).
  • We can perform a test restore demonstration and training once the system has been setup and running – this can involve an entire disaster recovery test to prove that it works.
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