Backup Insights

Datto’s Backup Insights

Datto’s Backup Insights provides the capability to see what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups.

Backup Insights is accessed through the remote web interface, tracking the changes between any two recovery points on your Datto device for a given agent. See the files that have changed between two recovery points, and even instantly restore those files directly from the web interface.

Backup Insights provides:

  • Rapid and intelligent directory comparison: All backups are fully-constructed views, and Backup Insights automatically focuses on differences that more likely matter
  • Locate files with limited user guidance: Even when things like name and date of deletion are unknown
  • Instant recovery: Files can be downloaded and restored directly from this interface

Insight is power

Would you like the power to see what happened between any two backup points? Has your client ever asked to find a folder that was deleted, but didn’t have the name of the file or even the date that it was deleted? Or, how do you determine which files were affected by a virus? How about trying to determine why significant data churn may be occurring between backups? These questions can be answered with Datto’s Backup Insights analytic tool, one of the biggest innovations in BDR and business continuity in the last decade.

Backup Insights allows the comparison of two snapshots to determine what file/files have changed between the two selected backups, allowing for incredible insight into the inner workings of your data change. If your backups are tending to be larger in size than expected, this tool allows a side by side snapshot comparison. You can also track trends over time to see what files have been created, modified or deleted.

Backup Insights is available on SIRIS 2, SIRIS 3, Virtual SIRIS, and ALTO XL.

Rapid and intelligent directory comparison

The Backup Insights tool is extremely easy to use and can be accessed right from the user interface. In a matter of seconds you can simultaneously mount points and see all files broken down with an easy to read file tree. The reason this is uniquely fast on Datto BDR solutions is because each and every backup is always in a fully constructed state, thanks to Datto’s Inverse Chain and advanced storage technology. Flipping through backup “views” is immediate and fluid, whereas competitive solutions would have to reconstruct different views from chains of full and incremental backup files.

By default, Backup Insights intelligently excludes the Windows directory for any OS volume, as these directories can have a lot of changes and/or be very large. You can choose to have the restore rebuilt with that volume included by simply selecting the Windows folder. You’ll then be presented with a view of the changed files within the Windows directory.

Locate files with limited user guidance

Administrators can easily use Backup Insights to service end-user requests for specific file restores. Backup Insights can recover files and applications directly from the interface with almost no information about when they were lost or even where on the machine they resided.

The red callout boxes highlight easily identifiable changes in the system between the two backups. The display is color coded: the yellow pencil icon means the file has been modified between backups; the green plus sign means the file has been added to the latest version; and the red X means the file has been deleted. A gray file icon tells the user that the file did not yet exist at this point in time, and a black file icon means nothing has changed between versions.

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