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Are you scared of firing your IT provider?

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In 2015 many business owners finally made the decision to come with us, but they wish they had moved much earlier. They were just too fearful of:

• How much pain it would be to get someone else?
• How do I estimate how much this would cost me?
• What will the IT person think?
• From my limited knowledge how do I pass this on?
• What is the cost and risk/exposure for my business to change?

They knew they should move to a new IT partner. Little things not being done right, support and service were no longer as good, recurring problems causing productivity issues and concern that perhaps security of the whole system was at stake.

However it’s only when a major issue arose did they decide to take action.

A sample “One man band” case study:

We came across a prospect that is a small to medium size business. They had been using a one man IT operation to look after their systems for some time.

In the beginning this arrangement worked well however, over time the business grew to the point where they realised they had outgrown their original IT partner who was still a small one-two man organisation.

Cracks appeared and gradually the support expectations had been lowered. The situation reached the point where the one man band lacked urgency of response, only seemed to call back when constantly chased, turning up onsite at their convenience (not on time or customers request), explanation of issues became limited and the provision of advice on different ways forward was not consistent.

Other perceived areas of concern were around just how familiar or knowledgeable the one man band was of the IT within the business (even though they implemented it).

However it wasn’t until a major technical issue occurred and the subsequent lost productivity that they took action.


By incorporating our proven and mature on-boarding process which not only includes technical steps it also includes change management functions. Tech Precision managed a smooth transition of the clients system with no pain or disturbance to the business or the employees.

Our clients feedback on response times has been extremely positive and they have also made comment on increased productivity (and happiness) of staff which they did not expect to see such a dramatic improved.

Important aspects of the IT operation have been identified and areas that carried concern have been resolved: for example now the business knows it has a full working back up available if needed.

The client is extremely happy as no additional money has been spent on the system however everything seems to be working faster? This is because the client already had purchased decent IT equipment; they clearly lacked an efficient servicing and maintenance program to allow for full optimisation.

After investing time with the client to better understand their business along with future expectations for the company there is a now customised IT road map for both parties to work from.

The owner has real peace of mind and can now allocate more time and resource driving the business forward.


This company out grew their IT partner a long time ago, however failed to act until a major issue took place resulting in lost time and lost money.

The fear of a new company coming in to take over the IT support was used as an excuse not to take action. The outcome was totally different, with seamless changeover and superior performance.

When the business owner was asked about advice in this space the answer was one short line “Do it now!”

Does this sound familiar to your situation? Your business systems and data are vital. Don’t wait for a disaster to occur… take action now.

What does the client say?

“We have just completed our initial 90 days with Tech Precision and while we had planned for some handover difficulties, I am please say we experienced no issues.

In fact within the 90 days our system seems to be working better than previously (possibly better than when we first installed it brand new). All the small ongoing issues that they inherited have been cleaned up and we have had nothing but a positive experience”.

Are you confident you have the correct IT partner to support your business through the ever evolving technology market?

For independent advice, please contact Tech Precision. We’ll help you relax.

I will leave you with this quote:

“Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”
– Sam Ewing,
baseball player

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