Tech Precision has operated as an IT support, service and maintenance business in Australia for over 25 years.

Starting in Melbourne as a terminal repairer, Tech Precision’s commitment to prompt, ‘stress-free’ service resulted in the company’s steady rise to become an independent national service alternative to DEC (Compaq) for maintenance of PDP, VAX and Alpha mini-computer hardware.

Tech Precision’s success in this core business over the following two decades saw the company encompass many other leading mini-computer and peripheral hardware brands to include Prime, Concurrent, Data General and Wang hardware platforms.

With Tech Precision clearly established as a market leader in this niche IT field, the company was sufficiently qualified to extend its capabilities to incorporate the support and maintenance of the booming PC and LAN sectors.

Integrating this innovative equipment into its existing customer base’s IT mix, Tech Precision proactively perceived the changes in the global IT market long before many of today’s service providers existed.

These days, Tech Precision is a service provider for virtually all LAN and WAN equipment in business environments.

This dynamic experience, combined with Tech Precision’s commitment to friendly, professional and timely service, ensures that clients can rely on Tech Precision to consistently deliver results.